No time for dinner dating

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When a guy doesn’t confirm the date, he is – for all intents and purposes – showing you that he really doesn’t care about the date. A confident guy will not tolerate it too long and you will find yourself alone again. A guy’s character is not based on the amount of money he makes. He will question why you are so into him so early on in the date. If you are positive that it isn’t right, don’t avoid him.

And before that, it was the real olden-days when men hunted for us and we had babies at 17 and nobody lived past 30! If one or both of you doesn't feel chemistry, you're super-awkwardly stuck there for an entire meal.

And if it does turn out to be a bad match, there's no good "out." Some women have the balls to get a pretend "emergency" phone call or insist they're too tired immediately after realizing this date is a bust. I stick it out and half-laugh at his jokes while glancing at the door repeatedly all night, like a trapped animal.

For those of us too polite to leave, the other option is to drink heavily. Sure, I fantasize a lot about being comfortable enough with a boyfriend that we end up spending half the time eating in bed.

Dublin is very small, I hate when you see you've got 150 Facebook friends in common. Xpose is gearing up to celebrate 10 years on air next year and Ruth gave some advice to aspiring presenters, admitting the job is not for the faint of heart.

"Xpose is 10 years going next March and we are getting more access. You're literally told the night before, 'Hey can you fly to London?

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