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The map is adjustable to zoom in and out.(2) An individual convicted of an offense added on September 1, 1999 to the definition of listed offense is not required to be registered solely because of that listed offense unless 1 of the following applies: of committing a listed offense who is not otherwise described in subsection (1) shall nevertheless register under this act.However, the continued reporting requirements of this act do not apply to the individual while he or she remains a nonresident and is not otherwise required to report under this act.Many times, registry officials will not be able to disclose any additional information about an offender but might be able to direct you to resources or offices within their Jurisdiction where you could find that information.Each Jurisdiction has its own laws that determine the information that can and will be displayed on the public registry Website.

See the NSOPW list of Jurisdictions to find the appropriate contact information.

§ 42-1-19 (a), an individual required to register pursuant to Code Section 42-1-12 may petition a superior court for release from registration requirements and from any residency or employment restrictions of this article if the individual: (1) Has completed all prison, parole, supervised release, and probation for the offense which required registration pursuant to Code Section 42-1-12; and (A) Is confined to a hospice facility, skilled nursing home, residential care facility for the elderly, or nursing home; (B) Is totally and permanently disabled as such term is defined in Code Section 49-4-80; or (C) Is otherwise seriously physically incapacitated due to illness or injury; (2) Was sentenced for a crime that became punishable as a misdemeanor on or after July 1, 2006, and meets the criteria set forth in subparagraphs (c)(1)(A) through (c)(1)(F) of Code Section 17-10-6.2; (3) Is required to register solely because he or she was convicted of kidnapping or false imprisonment involving a minor and such offense did not involve a sexual offender against such minor or an attempt to commit a sexual offense against such minor.

(2) An individual who meets the requirements of paragraph (4) of subsection (a) of this Code section may be considered for release from registration requirements and from residency or employment restrictions only if; (A) Ten years have elapsed since the individual completed all prison, parole, supervised release, and probation for the offense which required registration pursuant to Code Section 42-1-12; or (B) The individual has been classified by the board as a Level I risk assessment classification, provided that if the board has not done a risk assessment classification for such individual, the court shall order such classification to be completed prior to considering the petition for release.

Any time the offender moves, changes employment, or enrolls in school, you will be notified via email. After doing a search for an offender, click on the offender’s photo, name, or the magnifying glass and you will be taken to the Offender Details page.

Under the address heading, click on “View Map” and you will be taken to a map of the offender’s location.

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