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Chief among the gripes of an audience chomping at the bit for flesh and eye-popping rutting was that there wasn’t nearly enough ‘actual’ sex in the film.We’ve come a long way, seemingly, since the time when full-frontal nudity, or unsimulated sex acts for that matter, were considered truly seismic.The adrenaline was great, and we ended up doing the same thing on our flight back from Florida."—nataliez23 "I was dating a guy a while ago.We were on a red-eye back home from a trip to Vegas, and we traded blow jobs. The plane was pitch-black and everyone around us was asleep. the thrill of doing something wicked made us both a quick shot."—whatthe3825 "It was November in 2005, somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. My then-boyfriend (now-husband) and I snuck into the handicapped bathroom, since it had more room, and we had sex. It was a thrill to successfully join the mile high club!While a student at Oberlin College, Dunham produced several independent short films and uploaded them to You Tube.Many of her early films dealt with themes of sexual enlightenment and were produced in a mumblecore filmmaking style.When the plane landed he backed me against the wall of the tarmac, kissed me, and we never saw each other again.HOT."—shmangela "I was on an overnight plane trip from my home of England to Dallas and gave my boyfriend a hand job right out in the open. and the lights were all off and the stewardesses stopped roaming.

I got a copy of Tiny Furniture from [HBO president] Sue Naegle.

It is made to look like the camera has chanced upon an intimate moment between two people, but the reality of constructing it couldn’t be further from that.” : “Domhnall and I had our jeans on during that scene, while his girlfriend and my husband sat in the room next to us during filming,” she says.

Some actors really give a job their all and fully commit.

In 2006, she produced Pressure, in which a girl and two friends talk about experiencing an orgasm for the first time, which makes Dunham's character feel pressured to do so as well. "Instead I went to liberal arts school and self-imposed a curriculum of creating tiny flawed video sketches, brief meditations on comic conundrums, and slapping them on the Internet." "There were just pages of You Tube comments about how fat I was, or how not fat I was," Dunham said.

"I didn't want you to Google me and the first thing you see is a debate about whether my breasts are misshapen." In 2009, Dunham created the Index Magazine web series, Delusional Downtown Divas, which satirized the New York City art scene.

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