Reasons to try online dating

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Here are some great insights about why Christian Online Dating is a great way for you to meet and connect with other Christian singles.

If you try it, you might find marriage in the process!

You're disgruntled with the type of men you attract and date in the real world.

You repeatedly fall in love with men who lie to you, neglect, abandon and mistreat you, or men seem to overlook or ignore you entirely.

And since you will be chatting with that person for a while it will give you a lot of topic to talk about on your first real date. It is free Well, usually is free, but some bigger sites charges some fee.

You’re jaded; and therefore, you’re afraid to try online dating because you believe that the men on dating sites are liars, users, unfaithful and even dangerous.

One man, a national corporate financial manager, cooked me a lovely dinner in his home, passed out drunk on his sofa and I had to drive myself home.

We see many Christian singles excited to be part of a dating site such as Christian and connect with thousands of other singles online.

However this was not so true years ago when it first started.

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