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Out of all sports I feel personally we have more swimmers and divers who come out as gay ie Greg Louganus, Matthew Mitcham, Mark Tewksbury and Daniel Kowalski to name a few.

Who in the swimming and diving world is rumoured to be gay or who may come out next,besides of course Ian Thorpe ?

Ian Thorpe is widely assumed to be gay, even though he still denies it.

Bruce Hayes, Dan Veatch, Johan Kenkhuis,and Alex Kostich are other out swimmers. Diana Nyad is the only out swimming lesbian that I can think of off the top of my head. Lenny lived with a male roommate and someone here 'knew' him and said he was gay because he was a swimmer as well.

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In 2005, ESPN added women's freeskiing to the X-Games.On January 10, 2012, Burke was seriously injured while training on the Park City Mountain Resort Eagle superpipe in Park City, Utah.This is the same superpipe where snowboarder Kevin Pearce was seriously injured in 2009.For her, it's been about making herself the best she can be rather than comparing herself to other people.'The sport's leaders say mandatory helmets, air bags on the sides of pipes during practice and better pipe-building technology has made the sport safer, even though the walls of the pipes have risen significantly over the past decade. Some of the movement to the half-pipe decades ago came because racing down the mountain, the way they do in snowboardcross and skicross, was considered even more dangerous - the conditions more unpredictable and the athletes less concerned with each other's safety.But there are few consistent, hard-and-fast guidelines when it comes to limiting the difficulty of the tricks in the half-pipe, and as the money and fame available in the sport grew, so did the tricks.'There are inherent risks in everything,' Mr Judge said. Looking back on it, I'd probably do the exact same thing again.''I think we're all doing this, first off, because we love it and want to be the best,' she said.

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