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At least, not until she comes face to face with the owner of the artifact… Introduced to the world of the Merpeople, Quinn will have to deal with new feelings that are stirring towards her merman guide as well as facing a dangerous treasure hunter searching for his next big prize. In a world where humans are besieged by demons, two strangers must work together to survive.

How are they ever going to trust each other when neither of them want to tell the whole truth? Lady Knight Bethlyn, of the third rank, of the Order of the High King (just Bethlyn is fine) is finally near the end of her journey to bring Elisa back to life.

Romance Detective might not be certified, she might not have anything to go off of, but she knows that this was definitely a crime of passion. FIRST KISS AT A SPOOKY SOIREE is a visual novel created for Yuri Jam 2016.

You play as marzipan, a light witch who's gone her whole life without kissing anyone--UNTIL TONIGHT! Many know that Shinpachi and Yamazaki from Hakuoki don't have routes and IDEA FACTORY has released mini games with these characters, but we wanted something more.

If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

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It may be difficult, but she'll come to find it maybe even harder. When he finds a shack in the woods that seems to put him back in time by three days, he thinks he can turn all his luck around. But things aren't always that simple when you're playing with time. One night when Einar is traveling through the forest, she sees two stars descend from the sky.Only problem is that the presence of androids on Earth is against the law, which puts Jay-Long against the android hunters, a special police unit known as the Running Blades. Anholly is the only person who lives in the freezing town of Solvalis.One day, she meets a dying ice spirit who has resigned to his fate.What if you know you have dreams every night, but you can never remember what you dreamed of when you wake up? For Jay-Long, being unable to remember his dreams was his greatest torment.After working for three years and four months (that means almost the entire life span of a normal android) on Mars, the android unit Ne XT NGNAG17417 (also known as Jay-Long) returns to Earth in search of his maker, hoping she could put an end to his torment.

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