Sedating the triple warmer meridian

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When they get blocked, we develop illness, depression and stress, so tracing them is vital to our overall health, see .

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Strange Flow is subtle energy and is still directed by our thoughts but is more diffused energy than energy specific roadways or Meridians.

You can retrain your body how to react to foreign stimuli by smoothing your palms backward from your temples, behind your ears and down your shoulders. But by doing this at the moment you feel that foreign energy affect you, when you feel the anxiety, you will begin to tell your mind, “it’s ok don’t fall into alert mode.” You are reprogramming yourself. Here are some great Eden Energy Medicine techniques.

And also it’s extremely important to have compassion for yourself. Most have video’s demonstrating them, links at bottom of page: Triple Warmer Soothers Benefits: This is our fight or flight response system. It perceives anything foreign as an invader it must fight against, for which it uses energy from other “non-essential” energy systems.

, she teaches her method of sedating the Triple Warmer by running the meridian energy backwards. To sedate the Triple Warmer follow the illustration: 1.

Use fingers of your opposite hand to touch the outside edge of your eyebrow (furthest from your nose); trace with your fingers back over and around the ear; down the back of your neck, across the back of your shoulder; down the outside of your arm to the back of your hand; and finish by touching the fourth ‘ring’ finger at the base of the nail. Repeat at least three times on each side of your body.

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