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Marinette was really beginning to dread her turn again. You have the option to do the forfeit instead."Alix and Chloe snickered at that while Mylene suddenly burrowed into her hoodie and covered her face. Adrien is going to be so disgusted that he'll end up filing a restraining order against me and then I'll have to swap schools, and they'll force me to register myself as a sex offender and I'll never ever get a date in my life again.""Okay, now you're being ridiculous," Tiki said chidingly as she floated out of Marinette's purse, "first, you would not be registered as a sex offender for kissing a boy, secondly, Adrien would never go that far in rejecting a person or otherwise Chloe would have one taken out on her months ago, and thirdly, and I can't stress this enough, you do what you don't want to do, Marinette," Tiki said sternly. I kinda do want to do it," she admitted sheepishly. Her dark eyes boring into Marinette and making her feel extremely uncomfortable and nervous again.It had been bad enough when she chose truth and Alya got her to dredge up every detail of her feelings for Adrien to which Chloe scoffed at and insult her about, and everyone else looked painfully sympathetic to her. She had chosen Truth earlier and when pressed for some intimate details about her relationship with Ivan, she clammed up and took the forfeit. "All right," Tiki replied softly, "I can't stop you."Marinette inhaled deeply, gathered all of her Ladybug courage and strength that she could muster, and then breathed out as she held her head up high and proud. And with that she pushed the boys' locker room door with all of her strength resulting in a great, big, loud –BANG!

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You can still be romantic, even if you're miles apart.

[Read: Falling in love with a friend] But on the other hand, if you just want know how to kiss a friend, and then worry about your mixed feelings later, this may be the easiest way forward.

There are a few times when you can kiss a friend and get away with it, and a few other times when it’s just completely inappropriate to kiss a friend.

Now as Chloe had made Alix flash the world while in return was currently being forced to wear a sign reading 'I'm a Massive Bitch' (thanks to Rose much to everyone's surprise), and Sabrina had been recently forced to admit to five years of bed-wetting, Marinette was rather scared at what will happen to her next."Alya," Alix said loudly as she pulled her t-shirt down and turned back from the window, "truth or dare.""Dare," Alya said lazily, "of course.""All right," Alix grinned mischievously. Try it and I'll make your life a misery.""You already do," Alya rolled her eyes. "When my father hears about this-"Majority of the classroom rolled their eyes at that "! Which was to streak across the corridor naked.(Seriously they were so lucky that none of the teachers have bothered to check in on them or they would so be in detention right now.)Given the choice of potentially embarrassing herself in front of a small group of boys or embarrassing herself in front of the , ending up in detention, and having to explain this to her parents, Marinette knew that there was really only one choice…. " she flung herself to the wall and clutched at it desperately. All the boys, who had been in the process of getting changed, suddenly jumped.

"I dare you to lick Chloe's cheek."" Chloe shrieked. Chloe glowered back and crossed her arms sulkily when Alya then suddenly lunged forwards. " the girls all chorused with impatience and irritation."I care," Sabrina said as she patted Chloe's shoulder, "and I think you're all so horrible to inflict such torture on poor, innocent, Chloe."Everyone else snorted at the idea of Chloe being but decided to let the matter drop unless they wanted to end their period of freedom in a bitter argument where undoubtedly someone would end up Akumanised because Chloe has apparently made that her newest hobby."Marinette," Alya smirked as she turned her attention back onto her best friend, "Truth or Dare? And that was how she ended up outside of the boys' locker room door trying to psyche herself up to do the deed."Come on Marinette! Nino let out a strangled, high-pitched, scream as he ducked to cover himself as much as possible with his shirt.

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