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"Only tests on a kidney from an affected dog, most likely post mortem, will give 100% confirmation of the disease," added David.

Dogs can also appear to become 'depressed' with a loss of appetite and they may start to vomit. To help collate correct data for dog owners, Anderson Moores is calling for all UK vets to contact them if they see a dog they suspect has Alabama Rot.

Through marriage they are linked with hundreds of royal families in Europe and Asia.

They are also rebels who have paid the ultimate price for participating in some of the most dynamic struggles in history.

In what was described by one lawyer as one of the 'most bizarre' social services decisions they had ever encountered, the boy and girl were put into care in Hampshire 200 miles away from the White Rose county.

Nigel Priestley, senior partner with Ridley and Hall solicitors in Huddersfield, said: ‘Choosing to put children into foster care because of the "Yorkshire ‘culture" is one of the most bizarre social services decisions I have ever come across.

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