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From the photos which have gone vial, some of the women stripped down completely naked while some others were just left to the mercy of their panties and bras. The man, who appears to have contacted them at the reasonably sober hour of 5 p.m., messaged the club saying, "Hi, I'm gonna be honest, got a bit messy last nite [] current bird sees it she'll physically hospitalise me please please please can ya delete it asap Cheers." The club responded with "Drop off 10 grand cash and a pack of Haribo Tangfastics at the club before 6pm otherwise I'm making it the profile pic for the clubs [] page." The hilarious request for ,000 and a package of gummy candies was met with even more panic from the guy, so the club finally took pity on him and said, "Haha I'm joking pal, it's gone you dirty dawggg."The club's Facebook post currently has over 10,000 likes and over 3,000 shares, and their tweet has been retweeted over 300 times.Barry and wife Marie Calvert - who has slept with more than 3,000 men during a lifetime of swinging - were responsible for opening the club - formerly the Robin Hood pub - on Attercliffe Road and the pair have written books about their escapades at La Chambre which has 20,000 members.

Witnesses said the shots were fired from another vehicle on Thursday evening, before the assailants sped off.Around us, a mostly female crowd of models, young professionals, actresses and assistants strut about in couture lingerie, much to the delight of older male guests in tuxedos.One 20-something blonde crawls on the carpeted floor wearing red lace and a face mask with a leather pig snout and ears.The raunchy computer images that Zuberi kept were breast- and genital-baring snaps of now-ex-worker Keisi Ballenilla, according to court papers.Ballenilla is suing Zuberi for allegedly demanding sex from her and other women in exchange for work assignments, the documents show.

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