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Last February it was revealed that Japan’s population of 127 million had shrunk for the first time since records began.

In 2016, fewer than one million babies were born despite attempts to boost the population via paternity leave, support for those seeking fertility treatment, and free preschool education.

Dealing with an affair between a female high school pupil and a male university student, the novel details such topics as birth control, STDs, and communication between the sexes.

The translations by ASBJ staff are rewritten by Brazilian volunteers in Japan into the Portuguese vernacular familiar to Brazilian youths.

The prevalence of online porn and the growing trend for virtual reality girlfriends are likewise considered to be significant factors in the drop in the number of pregnancies.

And the pair really do believe they're in real relationships with the animated characters.The Fuurin Motel in Tokyo, Japan, was once used as a place for lovers to rendezvous.It was abandoned 17 years ago and locals are scared to go near the 'love hotel' because they think it is haunted by spirits.For Anita, the answer is more immigration, which she says would give women freedom to work after becoming mothers - a practice currently frowned upon in Japan - as well increasing the number of taxpayers.We would play the victim by name of individuals involved in an altercation with a partner. Please support us by our grandparents age to enhance their sex life has consisted of 46 for single.

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