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It summarises the treatments, costs, procedure for reimbursement, and emergency numbers.

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) does not cover for private treatment.

If your child attends a private school you need to make sure that your child is called up for regular checks with the school dentist in your area. Usually you need a referral from a GP before you can see a specialist, but this is not always the case with private doctors.

If you have any preferences, you may express this to your GP and he can refer you to the specialist of your choice.

Your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will enable you to access state provided healthcare in Norway at a reduced cost or sometimes free.

It will cover you for treatment until you return to the UK.

For example, if your currency exchange rate is around 5-5.5 to Norwegian Crowns, I’d say it is safe to divide by 10 (rather than 5 or 5.5) to get a better idea of the ‘value’.

Being an Australian, I have used this method while in Norway for the past five years and it has served me well.

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Even those that are not great fans of the outdoors usually find themselves swept off their feet the first time they see a Norwegian fjord in real life.You can’t just divide Norwegian Crowns to your countries equivalent by the exchange rate as it doesn’t consider ‘value’ or purchasing power.Working with ‘value’ is what gives a more accurate idea of money-worth.WARNING: Subject material is likely to make you drool.Keep in mind that even though wages are high in Norway, so is the cost of living.

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