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Jeon Seong Ho PD talked about the creation of the program and how the couples were matched in WGM on the 27th at a conference.

As for Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo, the reason for pairing the both of them together was because Hyun Joong was a man of few words whereas Hwang Bo loved to chatter, therefore he thought that the both of them would suit each other well.

I hope her dramas in the future will all get high ratings and awesome feedback. if there is that significant other than I believe life will become easier. and the same for kang sora when I saw an interview of 2013 award.

i just learned about leetuk family death that happened a year ago.

Lee Shi-young’s representative stated that “it is true that the two are seeing each other, but it is known that they have not come to a stage where they are a couple yet.” This most likely means that they haven’t hit the precious 100 day mark yet, but if all goes well, “We Got Married” may someday live up to its name." There seems to be no conflict or dispute between them at all. They behave more like a couple who just started dating and is trying to know more about each other and this make it more real since I find it quite abrupt for the celebrities to simply dive straight into the relationship and trying to pretend to be a couple right away before really getting to know their partner.I also like them in the black room, where they said what is on their mind best among all other couples.The 4 couple pairings on the show are: is like a really nice and sweet guy to be with since he don't seems to have a temper at all. It seems like they do alot of romantic things which are found in dramas. She said before that she had been hurt in a relationship before, therefore causing her to form a protective shield around guys.He'll be the one to clean up the mess, tidy the house and help with stuffs around the house without any complains. They'll just leave us exclaiming "How do they always manage to create such a good atmosphere? The producer was smart to pair ) Couple, we get to see the development in their relationship, which made this couple pairing more realistic for me.

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