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Chances are it would be a short list and probably look something like this: 1. Both of them carry the baggage of past successes, and Mc Adams does not yet. Moreover, when was the last time you saw an actress succeed in five different genres (Comedy, Drama, Thriller, Romantic Drama, Teen Comedy)? In fact, the only comparison you could make is Julia Roberts.

Let’s take a closer look at the beginnings of each actress’s careers, and see if we can find some similarities.

This comes on the heels of last week’s DVD release of “Wedding Crashers”, the ginormous summer hit she sparkled in and stole every time Vince Vaughn wasn’t on-screen.

Tomorrow marks the DVD release of “Red Eye”, her cool “B” movie thriller that was a late summer sleeper hit.

Probably to provide some association with the nearby ports, both Adrian and Rocky’s traditional attire can look a little like it belongs on a fisherman.

Adrian’s spectacles are 1950s in style and would be considered geeky for the seventies.

I think maybe something was there but Sylvester was married at the time of shooting Rocky so it could have been a secret affair.

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Put together by costumer Robert Cambel (who only has one further credit on his CV), Shire’s outfits reflect a convincing shift in deep character from Adrian’s opening scene when she is too afraid to talk, progressing to confident yet homely rock for the most pounded protagonist in cinema history.Talia Shire then auditioned for the role, and was selected.She was the shy wife of two-time heavyweight champion Rocky Balboa, and the younger sister of Paulie Pennino.You can use this list to answer the questions, "What movies did Sylvester Stallone write?" and "How many movies did Sylvester Stallone write?

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