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Brad, It would be difficult for me to be any more miserable right now, I feel like the worst person ever.First, let me start by saying that I am truly truly sorry, and I hate myself for hurting you.Dearest Bey, Sometimes bluntness is best served hot. Lady Gaga, who is often a walking freak-show, and who I’ve also regularly mocked for knowing jack about domestic violence (read Hey Lady Gaga, Women Commit Domestic Violence Too! At Halftime you performed “Formation” a song which, in the music video, pays homage to the false narrative that police officers kill black people just for kicks. You arrived at Levi’s Stadium with a police escort, where you then performed a song which bashed police. If you decide to take offense at the “whore” thing, just let me know straight away. And by apologize, I mean I’ll pepper this post with GIFs which prove how often you use sexuality to make money. I’m adding the GIFs regardless of how you react to being called a whore. – Disclaimer: the difference between you acting like a whore and Miley Cyrus acting like a whore is age. Miley got an open letter of disappointment and warning, in hopes she’d steer clear of the path you’re racing down. That’s why her letter reads a little softer than yours (read Dear Miley Cyrus: We’ll Respect You When You Respect You). More, Actually…) actually opened the Super Bowl with an awesome rendition of the . But she classed up Santa Clara a little bit there with her respectful singing. So fast forward through several Cam Newton temper tantrums to Halftime. Maybe this isn’t a concept with which you’re tremendously familiar, Bey, but we call it “hypocritical” or “ironic.” Do try and keep up. I just have to assume with how often you twerk, shake, jiggle and gyrate, you must be totally fine with the moniker on the whole. I’ll slip it in like a dollar bill between that black band you wore on your right thigh during halftime. Though she often covers it with schlock, she’s a talented broad. Well, let’s be as transparent as some of your costumes, shall we? Oh, speaking of smooth transitions…Let’s talk Super Bowl. After people pointed out the obvious race-bashing of your performance, where you clearly honored the Black Panthers (a divisive group which was, let’s be real here, quite hateful), your defenders called anyone who objected to you “racist.” We weren’t surprised. It’s because you’re a slutty, race-baiting hypocrite who likes to play the race card when it suits you, then play up the pretty blonde side when that suits you. Something to think about next time you go all Black Power and crap. Bob Greenblatt wrapped up press tour with a mix of snark and candor.

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As for the surprise renewal given the series' meager linear ratings, Greenblatt said he would never “apologize for renewing a show that I think is creatively superb.” Comedy: No Laughing Matter Greenblatt didn’t shy away from his network’s growing comedy problem, which has gotten outsized attention since NBC was once home to Must See TV comedies like for instance, was a shrewd one since it had a significantly better chance of survival at Netflix. Which is a perfect transition to the gist of this letter. If you don’t want to be slut-shamed, don’t act like a slut. Maybe the second rule, right behind “I will hump the air on stage for money.”So Bey, the main reason people hate you is not because you’re a race-baiting hypocrite. I’m not sure if there’s a safe way to Google “Did white people make Beyonce rich? But pretty sure a big chunk of your fan base is white. But you probably already know that, because you’re dearest husband, Jay-Z, is donating money to Black Lives Matter. Before you accuse me of sexism, let’s add another GIF…I cannot unsee that. Lemme stop you people yelling “Slut-shaming,” from yelling anymore. Speaking of white people, how much of your fan base is white? Some of us just like our musical artists to rely on their talent. They in no way reflect who I am today or my views towards women. The claim that men who point out the horrible behavior of women are just losers who can’t deal with women.

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