Updating avg 7 0

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If the instructions below do not apply to your product, you may be using the newer AVG Internet Security - Unlimited.

AVG automatically updates on a regular basis, ensuring that your protection is always up-to-date.

Follow the prompts and accept the defaults until uninstall is complete and it asks you to restart your computer.

Allow your computer to reboot and when it comes back navigate to .

Help, about says I have 7.1.0, so why when I check for updates it keeps saying "Adobe Actobat 7.1.0 Standard Update" is available for downloading??

Anyway if you want to use it great, but it's unsupported and apparently buggy judging by all the email I get.

Hello, just did a google search an noticed a thread re: updating problems - the user in question (Paul) seems to have had his problem solved by installing ver 7.0In my case, my problem started after installing 7.0 - the auto update function is telling me there are updates to download, but is not downloading them...

box says 'closing connection' then the failed message appears Everything is set right in the update manager - has anyone any ideas as to why its not working?

This diskette can also just serve as a plug'n play packet-driver layer for the non-Netware-minded for running WATTCP services like the included IP-printserver and VNCViewer.If you need to make sure that you have the latest updates installed, you can start the update process manually. Update AVG from the Internet If there are new update files available, AVG will download these files and update itself automatically. Updating AVG offline (from a local directory) If you need to update your AVG from local disk (e.g.As of 5/31/08, Grisoft will stop releasing updates to the 7.5 version of its free anti-virus program.With everyone trying to get updates, it just times out. I had the same problem yesterday, the download would start then the connection would close.I just left the window open (since the downloads are resumable) and it eventually completed and updated.

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