Updating entity framework conceptual model

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This technology is helpful for architecting, designing and developing at a conceptual level without worrying about details. NET Entity Framework allows developers to program against the Entity Relationship (Object) model, as opposed to querying against the relational database, mainly concentrating on the data.The main benefit is to make data oriented applications maintenance friendly.Following are the basic features of Entity Framework.This list is created based on the most notable features and also from frequently asked questions about Entity Framework.In this article I will walk through how to generate databases from the model. This model is responsible for mapping the application’s entities and their relationships to the data held in the physical database.It’s a combination of three layers, and is stored as an Entity Data Model (.edmx) file.

NET architecture and development frameworks with a number of innovative technologies. NET Data Providers product line includes high performance data providers for major databases and offer a complete solution for developing database-related applications and web sites. The functionality of Linq Connect ORM was extended by the following: Now Linq Connect supports Batch Update for DML statements execution on Submit Changes call, which improves performance of update operations. In addition to Table Per Hierarchy support Table per Type is supported now.

Now it provides advanced Model First support and Update model from database functionality: Model-First approach implementation in Entity Developer offers automatic synchronization of mapping and storage part with the conceptual part of the model and easy to use wizards for synchronizing database with the model.

Synchronizing Database with the Model Entity Developer offers you two options for creating database based on your model.

It’s an important technology for Microsoft, and one that you should not ignore. After many years of forcing developers to switch from DAO to RDO to ADO and then to ADO. NET it seemed that Microsoft had finally settled on a tool in which we could make a big investment. One of the core benefits of the Entity Framework is that you don’t have to be concerned with the structure of your database.

All of your data access and storage are done against a conceptual data model that reflects your own business objects.s and many other data access technologies, you spend a lot of time getting data from the database, reading through the results, picking out bits of data, and pushing those bits into your business classes.

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