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If you buy one of the latest models you can be sure they’ll always include up-to-date mapping.

Garmin is a company that produces consumer, professional aviation, and marine devices that make use of the Global Positioning System for navigational assistance.

No longer have the time or patience to continue with Map Updates - I'm opting out - not worth the hassle.

Since 2012 purchase & registration, the regular email reminder to Update Maps invokes a sense of dread and frustration.

I learned to set-aside 16-48 hours, for 10-25 attempts, each attempt usually involves multiple device resets & power on/off & USB plug/unplug & website loads & a/c sign in/out & multiple PC restarts.

If only they had put equal care and effort into product support as they did with the hardware ...

Very expensive, you can buy similar gps at much cheaper price, so why wasting heaps of money on this trouble? do not buy this product or any tom tom product as they won't be helping you once your product stops working outside the warranty.

Stay away from tom tom products Satisfied with the Via 225 device but support is dysfunctional and patchy - poorly designed website, confusing tools, misleading instructions and unhelpful advice.

It was available in 32MB and 128MB (Deluxe model) memory options which was used to store the user loaded maps; it had a base map featuring major highways.

The 26 models did not come with a CD and the maps were pre-installed on the 2.2GB Microdrive. The 26x0 models were replaced in July 2005 with a 3.5" 320x240 touch-sensitive color screen.

An update to the Fitbit Surge will arrive later this week with a handful of improvements that will better help the watch compete with running watches from Garmin and Polar. In addition to measuring your steps, distance, calories burned and sleep, the watch is equipped with an optical heart-rate sensor and GPS for tracking pace, distance and speed when running or cycling.

Major problem is connectivity as the [Windows8] device driver usually disappears and a nightmare to reinstall.

Each time I persist despite unexpected events and unpredictable outcomes.

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