Updating gt certification

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In order to protect Oracle's Java SE customers from security issues related to the use of public key infrastructure (PKI) certificates while enhancing their overall experience, Oracle requires that all root certificates authorities meet the following criteria before applying for inclusion of their root certificates in Oracle’s Java Runtime Environment (JRE).Inclusion of any Certificate Authority’s root certificates in the program is subject to Oracle’s discretion.How can I force my computer to update its root certificates, in steps simple enough that I can tell my users to do that as well?GTA 5 update 1.28 was a bit of a rollercoaster for PC players.

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The process starts with a globally recognized Certificate Authority with broad and international customer base, and/or existing program participant sending e-mail with the following information to JAVASE-CA-REQUEST_WW_GRP You should receive an email receipt confirmation within 20 business days of submitting your request.Gifted/Talented Frequently Asked Questions provides information relating to the State Plan and should not be construed as TEA rules.The PDF version of the G/T FAQs (PDF, 69 KB) are available.Next, you will need to update/renew your SSL Certificate.SSL Certificates are available from a number of third party sources.

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