Updating information on credit reports

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A credit report is a summary of a person's financial history.A credit report typically contains information, such as all past and present debts, bankruptcies, payment histories, current and past employers, and current and past addresses.

However, creditors are not required to report information, so it’s possible that you could have a mortgage, auto loan, or other debt not included on your credit report at all.If you find incorrect information on your credit report, you can dispute the information with the credit bureau that issued the report.The fastest way to resolve errors on your Experian credit report is by reporting the dispute online.By NAZHAT SALIMWilliam Penn, founder of Pennsylvania, once said that "patience and diligence..mountains." These traits can also help you tackle something monumental in your own life: your credit report.Credit report lag is a prevalent cause of confusion for Credit Karma members.

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