Updating rosters madden 07

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After the "default roster" is loaded, save it as a custom roster, name it anything you want, it's your roster.3. (NZA's editor sometimes does wonky things when loading/reloading from roster to roster.7.

Click on the "Misc/Injury" tab and find the "Release (Beta)" section in the bottom right corner.9. After you have released all players click on the "Global Edits" tab.12.

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Click on the "Attributes" tab and then on the "Import" button.15.Find and select the csv file you exported and saved from datmanmadden59x original updated76 (or whatever roster you used) roster and click open, or just double click on it.16.After the import has completed save your roster.17.Click on the input box and enter 1, click on the "Release" button.10. Find the "Mass FA deletion" section in the bottom of the editor and in the "Delete all FA's below" input box enter 99.Also, in the "and all FA's above" input box enter 1, click the "Apply" button.13.

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