Validating a nursing research survey

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I have been doing some research and it appears I can do a Rasch analysis has anyone got any free software sites to apply this test and advice?I will assume that your questionnaire is to be considered as one unidimensional scale (otherwise, Cronbach's alpha doesn't make very much sense).The responses to the questionnaire are on a Likert scale; can anyone suggest any further tests to apply to help test its validity.I am not an expert on statistics so any help would be appreciated.Data were analysed using Cronbach's α, Guttman split-half reliability and factor analysis. Internal consistency was good, with a Cronbach's α of 0·93 in Part I and a KR-20 (Kuder Richardson) of 0·85 in Part II.Four factors given in Part I were identified as content truth, accessibility and convenience, speed and connection, and overall impression. The nursing website evaluation questionnaire had good construct validity and internal consistency. 2012) Officers Statistical Learning and Data Science (est. 1991) Officers Medical Devices and Diagnostics (est. 1954) Officers Statistical Programmers and Analysts (est. 1999) Officers Physical and Engineering Sciences (est.

2003) Uncertainty Quantification in Complex Systems (est.A total of 120 participants with Master's degrees in either nursing or mechanical engineering were invited to examine the 24 websites using a nursing website evaluation questionnaire.A 32-item questionnaire was developed, covering overall impression, download and switch speed, accessibility and convenience, web page content, service function and compatibility with common browsers.Geriatric competency in acute care is a 21st century mandate.The feasibility of using an Australian instrument developed by Courtney, Tong, and Walsh to examine attitudes, knowledge and practices of nurses working with acute care patients in the United States was explored using a systematic approach to appraise validity.

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