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What do you tell your spouse after signing up for a dating service?

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Focussing on three specific and very different dating sites – Ayn Rand site It gives great insight into the ideas behind the creation of such websites – for example, Farmers Only was created after founder Jerry Miller realised “the isolated and demanding nature of farming meant that people were having trouble finding understanding partners.” It’s a very funny read, and the great anecdotes from the users of the sites show that while niche sites may viewed as slightly ridiculous to an outside observer, it’s the opposite for those who use them. Born in Newcastle, he has an English degree from Queen Mary, London and after working for the NHS, trained as a journalist with the Press Association.With a young, increasingly busy and mobile audience, the allure of the dating app business can be intoxicating. When Jeff Cohen was getting ready to meet his Ok Cupid date for drinks in Manhattan, he started to have second thoughts as he reread the glaring grammatical error in her last message: “I will see you their.” The date flopped for a couple of reasons, but bad grammar bothers Mr. Learning a potential mate doesn’t know the difference between “there,” “they’re” and “their” is like discovering she loves cats, he says. At age 30, he had already been "looking for a very specific kind of woman" for three years when...As dating sites and apps like Tinder and eharmony continue to grow in popularity, many of the companies behind them are finding it difficult to compete in the saturated market and to attract investors. Like bunnies, dating apps have shown a knack for proliferation.

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