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[quote]Does it count as incest if they're not fucking each other? According to law, it's virtual incest since they're having sex in the same video. I used to have such a huge crush on Chance Caldwell then he got into the really kinky stuff and then when he started claiming he wasn't into men and it was all for the money,that pretty much killed the fantasy. With one set, they both showed off and then the son went off to his room alone and jerked off for tokens. His balls are slapping against his dad's cock for most of the DP action in the 2nd half. I have been with a guy that was 12 years younger than me and his father that was 6 years older than me. I was with the son first then about 4 months later I got with the father.

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Perfect example of what I am talking about when I say in many DL threads that you don't have to impale yourself on an entire very long penis when you are getting fucked. Speaking of porn, can someone please start a thread on this guy (see link). The father knew I had had sex with his son (because he had eavesdropped on one of our phone conversations)but as far as I know the son did not know about me and his father.

Notice everyone how daddy Harrington is not sticking his entire cock into her with each stroke, but he leaves several inches unenveloped by her warm mussy. I know he's done porn, and he's really made a fool of himself:[quote]They're saying Chance Caldwell was gay for pay but weren't he and Trevor Hanson long-time partners in the late '80s - early '90s? Both of them told me that they had had a three way with the son's girlfriend and that they had done double penetration with her. I envy with girl for getting fucked by them both at the same time. sorry if it's been mentioned, but Rhett 2SCM (or Brett from Austin Zane, if you prefer) jerked off side by side with his dad on that site.[quote] "My favorite threesome is a dad and son.

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