Windows 98 web page keeps updating

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Microsoft doesn’t recommend disabling automatic update, but the company has no solution for users who can’t spare the bandwidth to download the OS, but don’t want the update.Microsoft has stressed that end users who begin the upgrade process will still have the option to say “No” before the upgrade begins, but I’m dubious of this for several reasons.

you can download either puppy or android for free,they will run fine inside windows 98 or me, you can simply download and install what you want to the older windows os or if the older os wont run it you can use wine to run just about any need to uninstall or modify windows just click and runright from windows like any other program and since your runing inside windows all the hardwaredrivers will work, its great to save an old pc and its so small that it will not bog you down.with the android that runs inside windows millions of free apps,firefox, chrome opeara all run fine and you can download avast free antivirus and run it from the droid or puppy,and keep theolder os free it works, and it dosent mess up windows.Since the introduction of Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft has greatly improved the way users can update their computer.Below are steps on how to perform these updates, as well as additional recommendations to help update your computer.It neither requires nor includes system files from other Windows products such as Windows 2000 or Windows XP.The only requirement is that the user first installs the free Microsoft Layer for Unicode (MSLU) from: Kernel Ex 4.0 RC2 from:

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