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Demi Moore is dating someone well outside of the /2 7 range. It is a simple formula — it would have to be — to help you decide if you should indeed try to make it with that young-looking chick (or, for women, dude-chick) getting a pull from the keg.

quality=75&strip=all&w=620" /If frat boys have taught us anything — and lord knows their wisdom runs the gamut from the fastest, cheapest way to get drunk to the best way to make everyone around you spontaneously support forced sterilization — surely the most important thing they have taught is the sacrosanct divide by 2, add 7 rule (often stylized as /2 7).

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My best friend kept telling me that I should write a book to teach other people how to find dates. I have given random strangers advice on what to say to stewardesses on planes to get their numbers.

I gave him just the right line to flatter her and address the age issue and she gave him her number.

10 Things A Dating Coach Can Teach you What can a dating coach do for You?

All of these skills can be learned to help you attract a person of any gender or ethnicity. Human nature makes us respond in predictable ways to certain behaviors.

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