Xbmc library not updating tv

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To get started, click the Settings gear from the home screen. From here you’ll find the option to scan the library on startup.Note that there is a different option for Videos and Music.You can Refresh or Update libraries to bring them up-to-date.Updating and Refreshing a library do different things.- in case you get a chance to look before I get home from work, I am on server Version 3.0.5932.0. Here is a log, but it is pretty boring - it is like the web socket isn't sending updated items, and the fast sync isn't getting them either. Controller, Version=3.0.5931.0, Culture=neutral, Public Key Token=null'.

xbmc library not updating tv-87

However, I seem to have broke something somewhere as when XBMC does a "Library Update", either when started, when made to by me or when told to by Sick Beard, I do not see the new show being scanned nor can I see it in the "Latest Episodes" box.

Some people rarely, if ever, restart Kodi, putting the computer to sleep instead of shutting it down.

If that’s you, re-scanning the library probably isn’t good enough.

It updates and loads fine, but doesn't clean and I end up with duplicates, I also attached a screenshot of my XBMC library showing the dupes.

I checked my XBMC logs for the same time period and I get this: T:1844 ERROR: XBMC.

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