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Rated 3.83/5 based on 532 customer reviews

I have seen it listed on other websites that provide dating site reviews and I won’t go into how sketchy I have found those review sites to be but I will take the time to provide an in-depth review of

Basically Xpress Cougar Club is one of the lowest rated sites in our which is quite a feat considering how many scam sites are out there!

Sure, there were some 2’s-5’s, but the vast majority were very attractive. Your strategy should be to play the role of the “different” guy.

There are even the occasional 8’s and 9’s mixed in there. Part of the reason we suggest signing up for a couple of hookup sites is because of the following.

We quickly learned that were responded positively to. For , you can have instant access to this phenomenal hookup site.

They’re a little pickier, too, which means you might have to work harder for a date.

Your profile is not filled with misspelled words and sexual innuendos. Another reason we think so highly of x is because they make it easy for an inexperienced online dater to meet someone. We selected our 3 favourites to share with you in this review…

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Without further delay, the review you have been waiting for.

Even nicer – we actually got laid on this site…MULTIPLE TIMES. But, first, read this review so you learn more about the site and how to get laid on it. So when you are writing your initial email to a woman, make sure it’s funny but refrain from talking about anything related to sex. For even less per month, you can purchase a multi-month membership (charged upfront for entire length of membership).

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